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The BOAF is an initiative of the 1873 Network www.the1873network.org in collaboration with the 1873 FM radio platform www.the1873fm.com.  The initiative is aimed at building a bank or inventory of individuals who through their works help to shape and define Africa’s character and personality.


We celebrate achievement achievement and excellence

Bank of Individuals

A bank of Individuals from diverse expertise


We tell stories of excellent initiatives and talents

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Jan - 18

Ms Miriam Mutizwa on the impact and cost of top much political discretion in a democracy

What is the impact and cost of too much political discretion in a democratic constitutional order? Political discretion refers to…

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Jan - 18

BOAF inducts Ms. Nthonyana Kitsa to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future, it is my pleasure to welcome Ms. Nthonyana Kitsa to the prestigious…

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Jan - 17

Rule by Law or by any means necessary – Ms. Miriam Mutizwa’s reflections

The importance of making a distinction between Rule of Law and Rule by Law should be self-evident especially having regard…

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Afri Corp Facebank is the face of Corporate Businesses who are playing important roles in the development of Africa.

The Diplomatic Informer

Jan - 11

WILDLIFE CONSERVATION – The Diplomatic Informer – Issue 3

In 2018 The Diplomatic Informer celebrated women & heritage in South Africa. Among the women who were celebrated was Margaret…

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Corporate Heritage Africa

Nov - 16

Beef Production for Value – with Wikus Taljaard of CRV XSEED Genetics

Beef Production for Value - Genetics in Africa for Africa with Wikus Taljaard of CRV XSEED Genetics https://www.facebook.com/mutumwamawere/videos/887008234828559/ Hosted by…

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Nov - 14

The role of a President in a constitutional democratic society and the implications of SI 246 on the rule of law in Zimbabwe

https://www.facebook.com/mutumwamawere/videos/1487033471399349/ Hosted by Wildfire Deejay www.the1873fm.com #Eighteen73 Your Voice Your Power

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Nov - 06

Building Communities 101: The story of Santam and Sanlam

In December 1917, a small group of Afrikaners and a Scotsman met in the Royal Hotel in Cape Town to…

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For progress to be sustained

It is important that the next generation of leaders find a platform that will help

The Future I Want

Share, refine, shape & define visions of the kind of Africa that citizens want to live…

Triple challenge

Government alone cannot deal with triple challenges faced i.e inequality, poverty and unemployment.

Celebrating the African Promise

We have 5,000 reasons we think we should celebrate. You are one of the reasons.

The Role of Media

There is more that is happening in Africa that is not covered in the media.

Problem Solving

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.