Banking on Africa’s Future 01

When you hear of ”Banking on Africa’s Future” [BOAF] what comes to mind?

Here we are not talking about a bank in the literal sense but what where if any we can impact so that the future is secure.

Although we know that we are not on earth permanently, it is not unusual in life that we hold the view that we are permanently on earth hence the notion that we can be attached to material things in an undefined and timeless manner.

The only evidence of life is what we live on earth in form of unconsumed material things and the consequences of our actions.

A bank operates at the wholesale level and therefore can mobilize money from the retail public and channel it to those that need money. If you have no confidence, trust and faith no bank will be able to satisfy you.

When one says I have US$10,000 in the account, rarely does it occur to the holder of the bank account that in truth and fact the bank may not be able to honor such an amount if all the clients chose to withdraw the funds at the same time. What it means is that one has access to the funds on demand.

When then people say ”in God we trust” it literally means that those who believe they are wealthy on account of the money in the bank or they are holding such funds are only valuable if there is anyone who wants them in exchange.

So when we invited people to assist in giving meaning to the BOAF initiative, it is natural that people want to be led.

However, it is up to all of us to look forwards and not fall backwards. When we look forward what do we see? Do we see a secure and prosperous Africa?

The future belongs to builders and we are privileged to leave our mark.

We now know the power of social networking. This instrument has allowed us to connect. What we can then do is to cluster ourselves in the global networked environment so that we can invest in the projects that we think assist in building and sustaining a functional African brand.

We have our own legends, icons and superstars. We need our own role models. I believe that we can change the conversation in Africa that starts by placing the burden to change on the living rather than pointing fingers at others.

An investment in education secures the future so do investments in the youth. Banking on our collective future does not call for money but requires as to begin to think about the idea called Africa. What is it that we want Africa to be like? What is our role in making it happen?

My simple logic is that we can use our own networks to impact not only the present but the future.

How can we do this? This is where your creative genius is called for. How can we make a difference?

By interrogating the BOAF concept, I have no doubt that each and everyone of us will have their own vision about how the future of Africa can be changed by our actions.

We all have work to do.

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