BOAF – Towards identifying least cost and quality products – the case of lubricants

Oct - 05

BOAF – Towards identifying least cost and quality products – the case of lubricants

The BOAF initiative seeks to identify least cost and quality products and solutions.

Even in this digital age, it is not often easy to identify suppliers that can offer competitive solutions from the traditional ones.

Banking on Africa’s future compels us to create platforms where knowledge and insights can be shared.

Yesterday, Argus in conjunction with Thomson Reuters hosted a Refined Products and LPG in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Ms. Olga Suchkova, Sales Director of  a company called Oily Pty Limited (Oily SA), an official importer of G-Energy, Gaspromneft, and Ecosyn lubricants.

Lubricating oil, sometimes simply called lubricant/lube, is a class of oils used to reduce the friction, heat, and wear between mechanical components that are in contact with each other.

Lubricating oil is used in motorized vehicles, where it is known specifically as motor oil and transmission fluid.

There are many suppliers of lubes but knowledge about the identity and competence of such suppliers is not conveniently shared resulting in consumers paying more than they should.

“I did not know about the existence of Oily SA as a player in the lubes business. It makes a difference to be exposed to a variety of suppliers. This makes the market dynamic and competitive,” said Mr. Mawere who attended the forum.

Ms. Suchkova said that: “Our 100% imported, high performance products are formulated according to the latest technologies and have excellent real-life properties. Whether by lowering your total costs of lubricants purchases of finding better solutions for your equipment, we strive to help our customers reach new successes. If you are ready to take advantage of these benefits, we look forward to working with you either as a customer or supply value chain partner.”

“Imagine each time you meet a new supplier who can add value to your situation, you share on this bank of hope, how Africa’s possibilities can be enhanced and deepened,” said Mr. Mawere.





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