BOAF -New Technology helps Growers adopt Smart Farming

Oct - 11

BOAF -New Technology helps Growers adopt Smart Farming

Technology has become an essential aspect for the agricultural industry, towards gearing for the future. Modern day farmers use technology, the internet and web-based applications to help maintain and grow their farming produce. Even more so, smartphone apps have made it convenient for farmers to retrieve vital information at anytime and anywhere.

Using such apps is a great way to conduct business, especially for small-scale farmers; this gives them a platform to get information on the market, keep a system for maintaining their production and get the latest news in the industry. Smartphones have become a handy tool in agriculture. Below are a few of the smartphone applications (apps) that are available to help farmers with their agricultural endeavours.


André Odendaal is a manager of The App Factory, he believes that App development in agriculture is “Turning Today’s Ideas Into Tomorrow’s Solutions.” The former Senior Software Developer at Azuro Business Solutions and former Consultant & Team Developer at Asyst International says “Banking of Africa’s Future mean we got to keep with technology to insure food security”

According to a government land audit based on deeds office data released in February, SA has 419,005 and 50% of this farmers use smart phones for weather, monitoring seeds and other needs of farmer on daily bases. “With more young people getting in to farming in Africa the use of smartphones and Apps is growing daily” said André Odendaal


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The host of the Continental Sunrise breakfast show Tinashe Mpasiri hosted Mr Gerhard Scheepers segment titled The GreenHouse Tech Talk Conversation With Gerhard Scheepers on Tuesday -9 October 2018, when he was asked; If the penetration of technology in Africa is where it should be? Mr Gerhard Scheepers said “Some countries are lacking behind and that will delay the development of tools that are relying on technology to be introduced on those countries. There is a big market in Africa for technology companies “

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