BOAF – Enterprise Agriculture key to securing Food Security

Oct - 11

BOAF – Enterprise Agriculture key to securing Food Security

Farmers play a key role in the affairs of mankind through ensuring food security. This was revealed by Solomon M Molefe who is the Project Director of Agricultural Industrial Park in an interview with Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri during The Agri Quater today.

“It is important that farmers engage in Enterprise Agriculture because Food Security is a condition which all humanity strives for. Food knows no race, tribe or societal position. Agriculture is very critical is securing Food Security and hence it must be on top on the list in terms of priority,” Molefe said.

Molefe, who is a qualified Accountant, shared with the listeners his journey from starting the business up to now.

“I started Farming in 2010 after I had qualified as an Accountant. Our farm which is based in Mpumalanga utilizes 600 hectares of land. We do mixed farming. In the early stages of the business, we faced a number of challenges which included but not limited to access to capital and markets.

“There are two vehicles that assisted in addressing our challenges. First it was joining a Network of Farmers. Being part of a community of farmers enabled us to have knowledge cross pollination with others and help us better understand the markets and learn best practices of Financial modelling.”

“The second thing I did was to then use my Accounting skills in terms of coming up with the best working Financial model for the business. It is very important that farmers acquire certain skills like Financial Literacy so as to be able to run a viable business.”

Molefe hailed the Banking on Africa’s Future Initiative as “a platform that brings together diverse individuals under one bank. It allows for people to tap into a huge pool of different expertise, knowledge, strength and leverage from each other’s experiences towards securing the future of Africa.”

Tinashe Mpasiri said, “Such conversations help in showcasing the need of constant story telling about individuals who are excelling in life, to ignite and inspire other individuals to think and act outside boxes. From the interview with Molefe, I picked that, financial literacy is essential in understanding market requirements.”

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