Josh Lasker : Speaks About The Fourth Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa

Oct - 11

Josh Lasker : Speaks About The Fourth Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa

Mr Josh Lasker

The 1873 Drive Anchor Wildfire Deejay on Wednesday spoke to Head of Development at Abby, Josh Lasker as one of the players in the incoming forth Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa.

Lasker is the co-founder of Abby, a robotic nurse device which self-services as a health station that can get a person 12 health measurements within 2 minutes.

Through it, any person can get among others blood-pressure, Body Mass Index(BMI) and Heart rate results at their comfort, including via e-mail or sms.

Lasker, who calls himself a disruptive entrepreneur in the HealthTech space has experience in building apps, sales, and starting companies.

He says the device isn’t replacing nurses and they will work in collaboration with healthcare providers instead.

“Abby will assist patients with diagnosis and it is not a treatment machine but device that will update an individual on their health and help them improve it.

We have recently done a rebrand from Healthinator to Abby and patients can easily relate to the name, unlike the previous one that intimidated them.”

He says he developed interest in body composition through his dad, with whom he co-founded Abby.

“Through my analysis of the body I realised it can mislead.
A super skinny model can have high body fat percentage and a wrestler can have a lower body fat and this will leave you wondering.

Our vision through Abby is to get people accessing their own health data and be able to monitor themselves continuously whole year at own convenience.”

Lasker will be one of the participants on the 17 October at the Healthcare Innovation Summit Africa.

His presentation starts at 12:20 PM and he will display the Abby unit for people to use and give instant feedback.

“As the summit talks about where healthcare is going digitally, with forth industrial revolution looking at connected devices and integration of artificial intelligence as the beginning phase, I will focus my presentation on the internet of medical things.
I will look at how we connect medical devices to make life better, easier and healthcare cheaper for all.

In this world that has a big room for digital space, hacking is also prevalent and Lasker is aware and cautious of such.

He says he will secure data to ensure the work done by Abby is highly protected through encryption, that they are up to the benchmarks and all digital standards are present, including the usage of block-chain technology.

The1873 Network in collaboration with the 1873 FM radio www.the1873FM radio has introduced a feature or magazine segment under the theme: “Banking on Africa’s Future”(BOAF) that seeks to promote the building of an inventory or bank of Africa’s diverse shapers and builders of its complex personality and character.

Lasker told Wildfire Deejay on The1873 Drive that he agrees there is a need to build communities and those in the scope of the work done by respective individuals.

“There is a need for support structures as no business can make it alone in the world.
We are moving into digital world and this shouldn’t scare us because it still needs human interaction.”; he said.

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