BOAF inducts Ms. Andrea Holmes Thompkins to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

Jan - 09

BOAF inducts Ms. Andrea Holmes Thompkins to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

“It is my distinct honour and privilege to congratulate Ms. Andrea Holmes Thompkins, as one of Africa’s shining stars, who has over the last 35 years been in the business of promoting and protecting Africa as a bankable address of doing business. 

It cannot be disputed that when we look at the world at midnight, Africa stands out as the darkest of all the continents not because the majority of its inhabitants are black but because absent the natural sunlight, there is nothing much happening during the night.

However, Africa is the remaining frontier whose full potential is yet to be fully unlocked and exploited.  The BOAF initiative seeks to project many individuals like you who are playing a positive and constructive role in shaping and defining its character and personality.

We believe that like a bank of money, Africa’s is also bank whose true personality lies in the thoughts and deeds of its peoples whereever they may be located.,”said Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, the Chairman of the and the who are both promoting this initiative that will see 10,000 diverse individuals actors in one portal or bank of points of light.

Ms. Thompkins is the founder and CEO of Ace Media Corp. This is what she had to say this morning to Mr. Mawere:

This was followed by this email: “What a pleasure to meet you and chat ! I am OVER JOYED, to bring this  ACEmazing Adventure, to South Africa.

She also said: “I LOVE the continent of AFRICA, specifically the country of SOUTH AFRICA !  I’ve been Blessed to have been apart of all of the historical events, the struggles and the wins.  Bringing the ICONIC Sisters, Serena & Venus Williams back to Soweto & Johannesburg, South Africa continues my Journey of  “My reality, surpassing all of my dreams, assisting others to do the same thing. “

I have attached a deck that includes all of the details of this EPIC event.  In addition, we have exclusive broadcast rights, including network, cable, digital, live streaming.  We will produce a docutainment around all of the activity, as well as carry the event live. This is BIGGER, than a Tennis Tournament. It is ….”

As part of a global initiative iconic movement, Ms. Thompkins had this to say:

  1. “Honouring the Williams Sisters & their commitment to the Culture & Youth during Black History Month (US);
  2. Sisters Induction into Nelson Mandela Museum, Interviews, Gala, Tennis Clinic at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Friendly match between sisters at Orlando Stadium;
  3. Honoured for being Voted by South Africans as the most influential athletes/entertainers from the US; and
  4. A world-wide distribution platform on the continent of Africa, encompassing 54 countries. ”      

She also said: “I have traveled, over 20 years, professionally & personally to SA. The country is primed for production, engagement & inclusion! Let’s Make History Together!”

Andrea’s Communications Empire, aka ACE, is a certified, minority-owned Women’s Business Enterprise. ACE is a Media Sales & Marketing Advertising Rep Firm, representing some of the top properties in the industry.

It specializes in broadcast media sales beyond the traditional commercial: 30 unit sales including branded interstitials, customized live remotes, and more.

After 20 years in broadcast media sales in NY, (WWOR-TV, WNYW-TV). ACE was founded in 2003 to fill the void of a minority-owned and operated sales rep firm, servicing the needs of advertisers to reach the cross-cultural audience.