About Corporate Heritage Africa.

Corporate Heritage Africa, a first on the African continent in pursuance of its drive “Banking on Africa” was founded as a direct result of its cause, demand from its membership base and its continental influence. C-H-A is establishing itself as the first branding (the face of Africa) and leading pan African online directory of Builders (Businesses with an African Birth Certificate) and Drivers (movers and shakers personalities) of in Africa and is an extension arm of The Africa Heritage Society (”AHS”) is a pan-African, South Africa headquartered Non-Profit Organization whose principal objective is to put Africa and its various interests at the centre of business strategy. It seeks to understand, shape, document and promote business best practices in the continent.

The AHS Constitution is registered with the Director of Non-Profit Organizations in South Africa in terms of the Non-Profit Organizations Act, 1997. Registration number: 031-076-NPO.Directories have proven to be the key area for both home and business service and equipment enquiries. Corporate Heritage Africa is fast establishing across the continent media presence incorporating the influence of marketing Interactive branded Emailing,   Internet, and more recently Mobile in order to maximize and leverage exposure for its Africa membership base towards value offerings geared to facilitate partnerships with international professionals and entrepreneurs.Our model’s key aim is to make it easy and convenient to find the information at every point of contact albeit it through our Internet home, Mobile which our members in the various chapters require or have access to. Continuously development is going inot “Banking on Africa in terms of search, categorization rating and content, news feeds.

Corporate Heritage Africa is appreciative of users and advertisers who work with us to improve our cause and brand, innovation in the market and further development ongoing relationships within our network.The core activities of AHS evolve around providing a platform to connect and promote business, social and cultural activities in Africa, operating through chapters across the continent.Increasingly, Africa is reclaiming the roles and functions others have done for her since the inception of colonialism. Africans have excelled in business, the arts, academia, sports, medicine etc, despite the odds against them. Today, some of Africa’s finest citizens stand at the top of business engines, while even more are gainfully involved in various businesses across the continent.

Corporate Heritage Africa an AHS brand, is a product of this new African reality, driven by business. The members of the society, businessmen, scholars, and industrialists, were motivated by the idea of raising high the collective flag of African success by providing a multi-purpose e-centre to recognize and celebrate African achievement. The Society is an a association of corporates’ and individuals who constitute the membership of the body. As a non-profit organization supported solely by the subscriptions and subsidies from its members.

We consider vital the issues of sustainable profitability, social responsibility, Black Empowerment, all resting on a full and clear understanding of the African experience, African history, African values, environmental concerns and the African political milieu. In short, the Society shall endeavour to promote, support and reinforce the African heritage. Membership to the Society is open to individuals, corporate bodies, institutions and any other interested parties subject to the stipulations of the constitution. Funds contributed to the Society by its members are utilized to run the organization, arrange and coordinate networking functions specializing in business, investment and development research. In addition, the Society channels funds towards elected social responsibility projects.

Becoming an AHS member, you become part of a pan-African network of professionals who share a common interest in the advancement of business strategy, capacity building and network externalities in Africa. Corporations and individuals rely on one exclusive network that connects them to exchange ideas, pursue business opportunities, share strategies, promote professional growth and success, and partake in cultural and social responsibility projects. AHS also acts as a vehicle for corporate responsibility for its corporate members.Today, AHS with its diverse membership provides a platform for dialogue among members and creates unparalleled gateways to Africa’s foremost business leaders, captains of industry, professionals, and various distinguished public and private sector organizations.