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Jun - 15

Banking on Africa’s Future Inducts Dr. Madeline Gomes to the 10,000 Points of Light (POL)

In welcoming Dr. Madeline Gomes to Banking on Africa’s Future Community (BOAF) as BOAF00454, Miss Miriam Mutizwa said, “I am delighted to welcome Dr. Madeline Gomes as an ambassador of Positive Thinking”. This was following an Interview with Mr. Tinashe…

Jun - 12

BOAF Inducts Ms. Frida Mwangi to 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), it is my pleasure and honour to welcome Ms. Frida Mwangi to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light (POL) club, as number (BOAF0453) towards our target of 10,000 names in the…