Adriaan de Lange gives thumbs up to the 1873 FM

Nov - 15

Adriaan de Lange gives thumbs up to the 1873 FM

Debtor and Creditor Consultant Adriaan de Lange  has commended The 1873 FM as a platform that can benefit the business players if they fully utilise it.

Speaking in an interview with Tinashe Mpasiri the host of the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show Adriaan said, “The 1873 FM is a very good platform which can assist the business players get exposure and and access funds. We need to bring business players together because the bigger the platform, the bigger our negotiating power and better chances of unlocking resources.”

Commenting on his relationship with The 1873 Chaiman Mr Mawere, Adriaan said, “I worked with Mutumwa Mawere ten years ago at one of the Africa Heritage Group companies.  He is a phenomenal person. What struck me was his expertise, his knowledge and interaction. He is a true leader. ”

The 1873 FM is an initiative of The 1873 Network and which is constructively working collaboratively to shape and define the character and personality of the network.

The 1873 FM is the tool to promote new thinking on economic justice and freedom issues, enabling individual’s voice to be heard on matters that promote an inclusive, progressive and prosperous Africa.

The character and personality can be shaped and defined by those who stand most to lose from failure otherwise the implication is absurd.

It is  platform for intellectual interrogation and scrutiny of anything where nothing should ever be untouchable and unquestioned.

The 1873 FM is a platform to use words and ideas to enrich and expand the body of knowledge that permits inclusivity & diversity.