Are media professionals doing their part in constructing a united community in Africa?

Feb - 11

Are media professionals doing their part in constructing a united community in Africa?

We have all heard people say, and probably agreed with them, that only negative stories get published in the media. Whose responsibility is it to report on topics that encourage the building of our Nation?

Let us look at an example of how uniting individuals through a positive attitude can be fruitful. Frederick Waldeck, radio personality at the 1873 FM tackles thought provoking topics, sharing his philosophy on skill and merit regardless of race.

Walking the talk, Frederick Waldeck took it upon himself to make introductions whilst we were visiting his restaurant Nino’s in Rivonia Boulevard this past Saturday. He could well have let it be for all to enjoy their own company but instead opened the door for us to join another table of 3 generation white folk where important topics social economic development and business could be discussed, broadening the minds of the people present.

Realizing that Media plays a big role in calling people to action we have determined to make every effort to ensure that positive news and views are discussed and ignite a fire which transcends into the various forms of media such as music, television, online publishing and much more.

Be a part of the change and lend your voice to the public by joining The 1873 NetworkBOAF Media [Banking on Africa’s Future] Our community promotes active citizenship and gives a voice to those who pursue and lobby for positive change in our society. The little things and the big things. Both our attitude and what we do day to day all make the difference.

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