As POSA amendment is underway, Dr. Daniel Shumba is not confident that President Mnangagwa is sincere

Feb - 07

As POSA amendment is underway, Dr. Daniel Shumba is not confident that President Mnangagwa is sincere

Yesterday, a press briefing was held by some members of the Zimbabwean cabinet to report on the progress in relation to some of the decisions taken at the first meeting of this cabinet committee.

It was reported that: “Following presentation by the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of the Principles for the amendment of the Public Order and Security Act (POSA) and the Immigration Act in order to align them with the Zimbabwean Constitution. Cabinet approved the principles, thus paving way for the drafting of the actual Bills.”

What are the precise principles for the proposed amendment of POSA?

“It is not clear what these principles are but what is clear to me is that find myself outside the borders of Zimbabwe not by choice but because of the existence and operation of this draconian law.

The army was deployed recently in respect of the stay away demonstrations and although the constitution vests the power to deploy Defence Forces in civil disturbances in the President in his capacity as the Commander of the Defence Forces, POSA vests the same powers in the Minister of Defence.

How long can we continue to be victims of state-driven tyranny? I am aware that the pressure to amend POSA is coming from ZIDERA under which POSA has been singled out as one of the class of laws that ought to be amended or repealed.

The government has opted for this law to be repealed but I am not confident that s 37 of the Act will be amended or removed from the Act at all,” said Mr. Elvis Mugari.

Ms. Miriam Mutizwa said: “The pace of aligning laws with the Constitution is so slow and I think this can only be deliberate as the people who introduced these laws are still in government.

I have been campaigning for the repeal of the Reconstruction of State and Insolvent Companies Act and I am surprised that the Attorney General who contends that a law that divests shareholder of their rights in relation to a company can be akin to the provisions of that regulate judicial management, is part of this reform committee.”

Dr Shumba was one of the 21 Presidential candidates that attended the dialogue meeting called by President Mnangagwa as part of a strategy to establish a common voice on issues that matter.

“Notwithstanding the fact that he pointed issues of constitutionalism and the rule of law, it appeared evident that the dialogue was more concerned at commanding a certain predetermined narrative that speaks to a brazen attempt to hoodwink Western Nations to lift sanctions under the pretext that a consensus exists about what should happen in respect of sanctions.

After yesterday’s meeting, I am not confident that President Mnangagwa’s administration has any intention of making Zimbabwe truly open for business.

I could be wrong but what I observed yesterday did not give me any comfort that we are on the same page,” said Dr. Shumba.