Banking on Africa’s Future Inducts Dr. Madeline Gomes to the 10,000 Points of Light (POL)

Jun - 15

Banking on Africa’s Future Inducts Dr. Madeline Gomes to the 10,000 Points of Light (POL)

In welcoming Dr. Madeline Gomes to Banking on Africa’s Future Community (BOAF) as BOAF00454, Miss Miriam Mutizwa said, “I am delighted to welcome Dr. Madeline Gomes as an ambassador of Positive Thinking”. This was following an Interview with Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri on the Sandton Express on The 1873FM.

Dr. Gomes told listeners of her journey to a mindset coach. “I came from humble beginnings, had to work my way up, so I understand the person on the ground and the challenges they face to become successful or at least get to the place where they are happy with the progress to make a difference in the future.” Dr. Gomes cites grace as the reason to be where she is. She shared her experiences with low self esteem individuals who lacked confidence to catapult them to where they would not settle for less than their worth as was the common case with most people she met with in similar predicaments. “This without knowing, triggered my journey to mindset coaching and a deep connection was born out of the interactions” said Dr. Gomes.

In describing the business journey Dr. Gomes stated, “Business is all of us in a community as a group it’s not an individual game. This notion made my business grow and that is how I ended up as a coach.” Dr. Gomes emphasises importance of identity in self confidence and in overcoming imprints from birth that form the beliefs in society that shape who individuals become. Some good and some harmful. She believes some beliefs can hinder self growth that is why she has passion about matters of the mind in personal growth and power to unlock a desired reality.
Miss Miriam Mutizwa on listening to Dr. Gomes also said, “This is profound, knowing that I can get up and make the right decision for what I desire for my future with total power over my mind”. Dr. Gomes highlighted some cases of depression stem from failure to overcome negativity in the mind.

Mr. Mpasiri express that he was quite impressed by Dr Gomes story and shared the BOAF opportunity of donating 1 million hours of mentorship via radio to Dr Madeline and she instantly accepted stating that it was a privilege. “The light starts with the individual it must shine and if we all start from there we can brighten the future”.

The Chairman of The 1873Network, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere added to the conversation by expressing issues common to human beings, “We are all looking for business from people and where you make yourself available and visible the market gets closer. Human beings do business with other human beings”.

Dr. Madelaine Gomes Msc.B, Msc.M, Msc.D, (USA) Executive Business Coach, (UCT) Mindset Coach (USA), Busy with PhD in Conscious Business Ethics.

Programs She Offers:
* Self-Development program tailor made for each individual.
* Leadership Support and Development
* Organizational Design and implementation
* Entrepreneurial Mentorship for Success

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