BOAF – Gogos Give Smiles in Soweto delivering a promise

Apr - 11

BOAF – Gogos Give Smiles in Soweto delivering a promise

The students at Emadlelwini Primary School located in Soweto, South Africa, were beneficiaries of a collaborative project themed: “Gogos Give Smiles,” involving the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), Humble Smile Foundation and Rivers Foundation.

Today, Dr. Darren Weiss led a team to help pupils at the school who are drawn principally from a nearby informal settlement around Soweto to clean their teeth correctly and in so doing reduce tooth decay, one of the most prevalent conditions affecting the children of South Africa.

Ms. Romay Harding, one of the GoGo Smile Ambassadors said: “Today was a great day in Soweto.

What Gogo says matters and hence our focus on Gogos knowing their responsibilities in relation to the children under their care.

It is the case that Gogos in developed countries do not play the same role as they play in Africa.

They are largely responsible for shaping and defining the character and personality of the majority of children in low income areas.

A gap exists that acts of charity and direct interventions can help bridge. This is essentially about forming good health habits at an early age where the problem is pandemic.

We hope that the work we do and the passion inherent in it will no doubt encourage, persuade, inspire and ignite others to follow suit and become engaged in solving glaring community problems and challenges.

I identify with the problems that ordinarily seem remote to many of my colleagues because through the Rivers Foundation, my eyes and ears have been stretched far enough to reach areas like Soweto and for me to be an agent of positive change.

You should look at the enthusiasm shown by not only the Gogos but by the pupils themselves and their teachers.

To me this is about service and leveraging on the resources of institutions and individuals that we are connected to. I have learned that we are all human after all and there can be no progress if we do not reach out to the vulnerable members of our society.”

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