BOAF Inducts Danny Mdluli to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

Mar - 13

BOAF Inducts Danny Mdluli to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

On behalf of BOAF [Banking on Africa’s Future], it is my privilege to welcome Mr. Danny Mdluli [ BOAF00440] professional musician and producer at Tammy Music to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light community of people who have a passion for creatively solving problems and in so doing, deliver the promise to sovereign and self-determining clients,” said Ms Nattaley Otto, a member of the BOAF initiative powered by the 1873 FM [] and the 1873 Network []

Danny is a multi-talented creative in Johannesburg and has been in the media industry for over 8 years, predominantly working as a content producer for various media houses. He has been producing content for Tammy Music Publisher over 8 years, independently reporting for South Africa’s Maverick Newspaper and most recently began producing content for Weparty which an online events/concerts/festival promoter amongst other services is.

‘It has been a pleasure to speak with Mr. Danny Mdluli and have him share his personal experiences, insights and frustrations as to why we fail as individuals to secure the kind of future we want yet the resources are available, the channels are there if we are better connected, if we come together we can be able to get the information that we require and have a better access to opportunities in life.” Said Tinashe Mpasiri host of the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show on The 1873 FM.

“There are practical strategies which government organisations should consider employing to assist disadvantaged people who are unaware of the opportunities that are available or even how to apply themselves to becoming a beneficiary of the initiatives of government organisations such as the NYDA and The Department of Arts and Culture,” said Danny.

Danny takes personal responsibility to be the bridge and fill the gap between people in the community and realizing their aspirations, even if only one person at a time, taking them through the journey of becoming informed, learning the necessary skills and eventually as their aspirations have become tangible, they too can mentor others.

As individuals we are ignited to take responsibility and do what is within our power to do to build an inclusive society by forming groups, associations and organisations which can become powerful drivers of change. Sharing our knowledge of both the challenges and the possible solutions.

“As a content producer I literally try put out as much information as I can through my social pages, through my writing as well and through conversations like these with foundations such as The 1873 Network and schools which I am also a part of, as we have the power to inform other people, we need to stand up and say something and it is my unscripted duty to actually empower one person, take one person on the journey because really it doesn’t take anything from me to just take one person on and continue to do that.”

“Making a meaningful impact in society essentially starts with us as individuals doing our most even if that means one individual at a time. Building communities who strive for excellence is not easy but necessary and the journey is rewarding,” said Nattaley Otto of The 1873 Network.

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