BOAF Inducts Mr. Garth Noel to 10,000 Points of Light.

May - 15

BOAF Inducts Mr. Garth Noel to 10,000 Points of Light.

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), it is my pleasure and honour to welcome Mr. Garth Noel to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light (POL) club, as number (BOAF0439) towards our target of 10,000 names in the BOAF, for his role in bridging the caribbean and Africa,” said Stanley Dube, a member of the BOAF initiative powered by The 1873 FM and The 1873 Network,

Garth Noel is an entrepreneur based in Trinidad and Tobago, Although he graduating with a degree in Natural science from the University of the Southern Caribbean, he gravitated towards computers, which was in its infancy back then in the early eighties and spent several years as a lecturer in the universities computer department. He left the safety of academia, struck out on his own in the early nineties and founding a business in the computer industry.

The pint sized nature of his native country, required the ability to diversify ones activities in order to maximize reach. As a result he became proficient in a range of skills, culminating in part ownership of the Reggae Powerhouse Band which he currently manages.

Reggae Powerhouse Band

Garth appreciates the necessity of the unity and strength that can come through networking, especially now in these times of uncertainty and is reminded of the poet William Yates words

“The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity” Garth Noel.

He believes that it is not enough to know and to be aware, but that we must also share our knowledge, time and resources with like minded people if we are to succeed.

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