BOAF Inducts Ms. Daisy Namakiika Muzira to 10,000 Points of Light

Jun - 03

BOAF Inducts Ms. Daisy Namakiika Muzira to 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), it is my pleasure and honour to welcome Ms. Ms. Daisy Namakiika Muzira to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light (POL) club, as number (BOAF0449) towards our target of 10,000 names in the BOAF, as an individual who volunteers her services and allows herself to connect to her community to make it a better place,” said Stanley Karombo, a member of the BOAF initiative powered by The 1873 FM and The 1873 Network,

While the benefits of volunteering are well known – making a difference, giving back to the community, and developing new skills, for example – there is less clarity about what psychological aspects make a volunteer and how charities can use this knowledge to attract more people to their cause.

What makes some people more likely to volunteer than others?

Ms. Daisy said volunteering does allow you to network and meet potential employers, you will also find that it allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. Your social skills will improve and your circle of friends will become much bigger than before.

Ms. Daisy was talking Tinashe Mpasiri, a presenter of a community radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa, the 1873 FM www.the1873fm.comon Monday. Mr Mpasiri’s show is aimed at building borderless communities and exposing how digital transformation has enabled the building of such communities.  

She said: “The results show that giving your time to others can make you feel more ‘time affluent’ and less time-constrained than wasting your time, spending it on yourself, or even getting a windfall of free time.”

Volunteering allows you to meet new friends and make new contacts, but it also allows your mind and body to grow, in that volunteering increases self-confidence and wards off depression, noted Mr. Mpasiri. 

“It is my distinct honour and privilege to induct Ms. Cathrine in our project to create a visible and accessible bank of people volunteering and securing the future that Africa and its inhabitants deserve,” Mr. Stanley Dube station manager of The 1873 FM and The 1873 Network,

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