BOAF inducts Ms. Deborah Summers to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

Jan - 11

BOAF inducts Ms. Deborah Summers to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future, it is my pleasure to welcome Ms. Deborah Summers to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light club being individuals who stand out as shining stars in securing the kind of ecosystem that Africa needs to move forward towards inclusivity and prosperity,” said Mr. Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873 FM radio and the 1873 Network

She is a Public Relations and Media Specialist / Conference Producer who recently started a company called DAC-MIR Communication dedicated to providing solutions in her fields of endevaour.

This is what Ms. Zina Girald in her capacity as a Manager at Zootz Communication Projects and ZigZag Design Studios had to say about Ms. Summers

“Deborah Summers is like ray of sunshine for any company she works for. She has a knack of bringing out the best in those around her, inspiring them to produce quality work for the good of any project she heads. Her leadership style is motivational. Her ideas are original, out of the box and creative. She is the prefect ‘people’s person’, always taking the time to listen and understand. She puts her heart and soul into the projects she undertakes and gets great results every time. Working with Deborah is an absolute pleasure.” 

What a start to 2019. I was invited on Monday, 7 January 2019 to join Ms. Susan Novela, CEO and Publisher of the Diplomatic Informer, in a meeting with Mr. Mawere.

I was intrigued by the idea behind the BOAF initiative that is jointly promoted by the 1873 FM radio and the Network. This initiative seeks to identify, profile, showcase and celebrate people of Africa and of African descent who stand out in shaping and defining the personality and character of the Africa we all want to see.

With respect to BOAF, I initially felt that this was a bank in the traditional sense but according to Mr. Mawere this is bank whose currency are people like me who are ordinary but are capable of acquiring the brand of unique and extraordinary problem solvers.

After our meeting on BOAF and Diplomatic Informer business, Mr Mawere asked whether I would be interested in joining him with Ms. Novela to visit a farm, Lilly Valley Farm, located in Randfontein South Africa.

Why a farm I asked? It was then Mr Mawere chatted about the importance of piloting the platform business models in agriculture in Africa.

He said: “The intent of this project is to change the perception of agriculture. The transformed business model focuses on accelerating woman participation and advancement in Agriculture. A farm like Lilly Valley Farm measuring about 200 hectares will operate as a shared space for a variety of woman farmers.”

Shared farming experiences can be optimally achieved and will create a critical mass of agricultural outcomes that will deliver the promise of least cost solutions.

Upon arrival, we were met by the owner Mrs Carin Van Berg who took us on a tour of the farm.

The experience was heart rendering, I never realised how much LOVE went into growing and harvesting flowers.

The 80 employees of which 70 were mainly black female workers, stood out as Shining Stars. It is no wonder that Lilly Valley Farm is known to beone of the top three commercial flower producers in South Africa.

The quality of the Sunflowers, Lily’s and Tulips, are world class. Van Berg said, “I believe in the up-liftment of woman and the project has my full support. It was always a dream of mine to see more black female farmers.

The BOAF project seeks to profile many individuals who are playing a positive and constructive role in shaping and defining Africa’s character and personality.

Africa, a frontier whose potential has yet to be fully unlocked and exploited.

Let’s be part of a shared and inclusive African future and tell those stories which has yet to be told.