BOAF Inducts Ms. Elizabeth Akol to 10,000 Points of Light

May - 31

BOAF Inducts Ms. Elizabeth Akol to 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), it is my pleasure and honour to welcome Ms. Elizabeth Akol to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light (POL) club, as number (BOAF0445) towards our target of 10,000 names in the BOAF, for her role as a mass communications student,” said Stanley Karombo, a member of the BOAF initiative powered by The 1873 FM and The 1873 Network,

Who is Ms. Elizabeth Akol?

Ms. Elizabeth Akol is a first-year journalism student in Uganda. She believes in conveying information to the citizens about what is happening in society. “On the other hand, journalism lets the policymakers know what kinds of effects their previous decisions have had and what kinds of decisions have been made elsewhere. Journalism also lets the policymakers know what the public expects of them.”

Ms. Elizabeth ‘cut her teeth in radio journalism’ on Wednesday at theradio show is powered by the 1873 FM, a community radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Mr. Mpasiri’s show is aimed at building borderless communities and exposing how digital transformation has enabled the building of such communities. The show also hold true to the station’s commitment to making information accessible.

Her passion for the Africa in general and Uganda in particular and her broad interests were reflected in her talk in the show. Ms. Elizabeth said she will shy away from talking tough when she started her journalism career. 

In her own words, Ms. Elizabeth said, “good journalism also interprets the world. Journalism explains things and phenomena in an easy and accessible way, describes the cause-effect-relationships of events and provides background information on issues and decisions.”

Speaking with Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri the host of Sandton Expresson Thursday, Ms. Elizabeth said, “media has the power both to blow things out of proportion and to sweep them under the rug.”

“It is my distinct honour and privilege to induct Ms. Elizabeth in our project to create a visible and accessible bank of people in journalism and media and secure the future that Africa and its inhabitants deserve,” Mr. Stanley Dube station manager ofThe 1873 FM and The 1873 Network,

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