BOAF Inducts Ms. Frida Mwangi to 10,000 Points of Light

Jun - 12

BOAF Inducts Ms. Frida Mwangi to 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), it is my pleasure and honour to welcome Ms. Frida Mwangi to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light (POL) club, as number (BOAF0453) towards our target of 10,000 names in the BOAF, for her contribution in the online marketing and entrepreneur,” said Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri, host of the morning show, the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show on The 1873 FM radio and an executive member of The 1873 Network

Ms Frida Mwangi is Online Freelancer, Web Entrepreneur, founder and Director of KaziRemote Limited in Kenya. She said: “A company is seeking to empowering women and the youth through job creation online.” 

Frida saidKaziRemote Limited is a Kenya based transcription company that is focused on offering transcription services to both the local and international market. Founded in 2007, KaziRemote has served over 100 clients efficiently.

“We strive to attract new clients and maintain existing clients by offering quality and accurate transcripts,” she said. 

Speaking on Tuesday with Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri the host of Sandton Express on Tuesday, Ms Frida said, “I train kids to work online and also teach them how they can optimize their online presence for their benefit.

“Because research has shown that social media activity surges during the holidays, as people search for great deals and gift ideas for their loves ones.”

Mr Mpasiri’s show is aimed at building borderless communities and exposing how digital transformation has enabled the building of such communities.  The radio show is powered by the 1873 FM, a community radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Speaking on the idea of the Africa she wants, she said, “As a people, we need to foster a culture whereby we collectively pool resources together to establish businesses. If you look at how companies like Old Mutual where started, those were individuals who pooled resources together to form what we now see as macro companies. The BOAF initiative, is an accelerator to the idea of a New Mutual,” said Frida. 

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