BOAF Inducts Ms. Karien Van Zyl to BOAF’s 10,000 Points of Light

Apr - 25

BOAF Inducts Ms. Karien Van Zyl to BOAF’s 10,000 Points of Light

“Africa is better for people like Ms. Karien Van Zyl, an automotive engineer by profession who is the CEO and Founder of Kickstart Bikes, a professional motorcycle dealership situated in Sandton and Midrand, South Africa, that sells, repairs, and supplies spares for motorcycles across the board.

The company also has its own brand of motorcycle. On motorcycles, you can bank on Kickstart Bikes.

Imagine considering investing in a motorcycle and being blank as to who to bridge you to the product.

After listening to Karien on the radio show hosted by Mr. Donovan Van Wyngaard, I now know more about bikes and the limitless possibilities in celebrating and inspiring people to change to use bikes as a preferred mode of transport.

She said that they also have another outlet in Boxsburg.

Mr. Kommel her colleague, said that price should not be the only consideration in choosing to buy a bike,” said Mr. Stanley Dube, the Station Manager at the radio station.

Mr. Van Wyngaard nominated and inducted Kickstart Bikes to be on the BOAF Corporate List as part of an initiative promoted by the 1873 Network to promote knowledge of business brands.

“It is my distinct honour and privilege to induct Karien as #
DVWBOAF00428 in our project to create a visible and accessible bank of people who can be banked on to secure the future that Africa and its inhabitants deserve.

I am particularly excited to include Karien in this repository of dreamers and doers in this continent that is all too often described as dark on what matters in relation to aspirational attributes of life.

I hope those on the demand side of the bike value chain will include Karien as a possible bridge to quality and affordable bike products and parts.

We are excited as a station to play our part in promoting visibility of supply chain value players in this exciting industry.”

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