BOAF inducts Ms. Krissie Landsberg to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

Feb - 05

BOAF inducts Ms. Krissie Landsberg to Africa’s 10,000 Points of Light

“On behalf of the Banking on Africa’s Future, it is my pleasure to welcome Ms. Krissie Landsberg to the prestigious 10,000 Points of Light club being individuals who in the words of the late Robert F. Kennedy stand up for an ideal or acts that provoke, ignite and inspire others to step up to the plate,” said Mr. Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873 FM radio and the 1873 Network

Ms. Landsberg is an actress, presenter and all round entertainer. She is a holder of an undergraduate Marketing degree as well as an Honours degree from the university of Johannesburg.

“I am grateful for Baffalo Souljah linking me with the radio station and yesterday was an experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I believe that Africa’s promise can best be secured when all its citizens choose to become active citizens.

I have been concerned for a long time that generally people are fatalistic and apathetic on what I believe ought to be germane in building bridges in my country of birth that has been divided principally on racial grounds.

It is exciting and encouraging that I have been selected to be a face and voice of the BOAF initiative that seeks to build one individual at time, an inventory of ordinary individuals like me who believe that the ideas and ideals matter in the business of nation-building.

It was inspiring to hear veteran broadcasters like Mr. Dumile Mateza who was also at the radio station yesterday when I visited talk to the need to promote the idea that homogeneity is neither a desirable nor beneficial ideal for any aspirational society.”

Mr. Stanley Wildfire aka DJ Wildfire said: “I must say I was impressed by Ms. Landsberg’s grasp of issues that are pertinent if the ideal of building an inclusive Africa is to be realized in our life time.

As a radio station, we pride ourselves as a platform where ideas, insights, knowledge, opportunities, and experiences can be openly expressed and interrogated.

It is for this reason that I offered Ms. Landsberg a slot on our radio platform to provoke alternative and dynamic thought on a number of ideas that can promote a better articulation of what kind of society, we should be.

I am pleased to inform the public that Ms. Lansberg has agreed to be part of the BOAF initiative that our radio station is promoting to allow people of all ages to expose their ideas and in so doing help reduce the frontiers of ignorance and illiteracy of what matters.”

Mr. Mateza said: “I was impressed by Ms. Landsberg’s keen interest in being part of the BOAF initiative not as spectator but as an active participant in shaping and defining the personality and character of the Africa that we all want to see.

I want to see any Africa that is diverse in thought and deed. Talking to Ms. Landsberg has also inspired me to shift my paradigm on the role of the individual in delivering the change that we want to see in Africa.

It is important that we move away from the thinking that we are victims to a new positive thinking that we possess the unique ideas that if implemented will change the narrative of Africa’s possibilities.

People like Ms. Landsberg by just being herself send forth a tiny ripple of hope that can cross each of the 1.2 billion Africans from different individual centres of energy to build a formidable force of change that will propel all of us to unlock the hitherto untapped potential.”