BOAF Inducts Prince Asiel Ben Israel to the BOAF’s 10,000 Points of Light

Apr - 20

BOAF Inducts Prince Asiel Ben Israel to the BOAF’s 10,000 Points of Light

“It is my distinct honour and pleasure to induct Prince Asiel Ben Israel, the Hebrew Israelite Ambassador and a member of their holy counsel as well as the Patron of the 1873 Network, to the Banking on Africa’s Future’s (BOAF) 10000 POL.

The idea of putting together a databank of 10,000 persons in a bid to celebrate the power inherent in converting connection into a community is a response to the positive digital disruption that has permitted the creation of borderless digital communities.

To have a person of Prince Ben Israel in this community is significant for his life has been blessed with unique experiences that hold the promise of provoking, igniting and inspiring positive thinking and actions.

Through his rich heritage and contacts, we hope to accelerate the journey towards the first 10,000 people who can excite others to know that structure, order and constitutionalism are words that are missing in the traditional narratives about why Africa and its peoples seem to lag behind the developmental trajectory,” said Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873 FM, a community radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa, that in conjunction with the 1873 Network is promoting this initiative.

Prince Ben Israel belongs to a generation that was and remains driven by causes that transcend the sovereignty of nations and personal gratification.

The 1873 Network was established in 2016 as a not-for-profit member-based organization premised on a simple idea that borderless mindsets can help build diverse and multidisciplinary communities.

Indeed, 1873 represents one of many years in our past when Africa had no borders but during the year, evidence exists that there were distinguishable black African actors involved in international and commercial trade.

“When we look at Africa’s corporate past, we find no cogent empirical evidence of organized corporate ecosystems that are recorded.

On the contrary, the history of Corporate Africa seems to be linked to the entry by European settlers into the African scene not as visitors but permanent players.

Accordingly, the history of industry and commerce seems to be linked to the facts and circumstances of white settlers underpinned by a systematic process of proletarianization of the indigenous actors.

In the premises, the lack of visibility of people of color in the stories about our shared past may not be accidental but it cannot be disputed that if nothing is done, the future opportunities may inadvertently be diverted and distorted to allow for undemocratic real experiences.

There is a lot that is happening in our communities yet the advent of social media has not promoted the creation of portals to share experiences hence the BOAF initiative,” said Mr. Mawere.

Prince Ben Israel’s creative genius allowed him to recognize a powerful idea in the numbers 1873. In the numbers, he was able to deduct that (7+3) – (1+8) = 1 in an ascending order.

When one looks at a tombstone, it is easy to recognize that (1+8) could easily be one’s birth day and (7+3) one’s death day and the difference being a simple dash or a horizontal 1 meaning that in the numbers 1873 is the journey that we call life.

He concluded that the 1873 Network when reduced to meaning is and ought to be about the celebration of the power of ONE.

It is for the reason that he shares the believe that a United Africa is more powerful than a continent of 55 divided nation-states.

Equally he holds the view that the human spirit is not divisible and when we speak of equality, we cannot escape the fact that all human beings are endowed with rights that have a source outside the imagination of mankind.

“Prince Ben Israel is a great inspiration to this initiative and by allocating him a new series in the family of 10000 as PABI-BOAF00001 with PABI standing for Prince Assiel Ben Israel, we hope to track his deposits to this bank.

Already he has been daily depositing his names into this bank.

I am always encouraged and inspired by Prince Ben Israel’s wit and depth of wisdom on issues that matter,” said Mr. Stanley Dube, Station Manager of the 1873 FM radio station.

Mr. Stanley Karombo, a BOAF volunteer, said: “I have listened to the conversations with Prince Ben Israel on the 1873 radio platform and I must say, I feel fired up to play my part in accelerating the deposits into the bank.

If a man of Prince Ben Israel’s stature can constructively and enthusiastically play his part in this noble project, then I feel inspired, provoked and ignited to build this bank of hope.

As a PhD student in media studies, I feel this project adds value to my own studies and future options.

It tickles me that I am going to have 10000 minus 1 contacts in this bank to bank on as bridges to new opportunities.

This is exciting and already I feel like I have already arrived in Israel and Chicago through this project that has placed me in Prince’s circle.”

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