BOAF: Mr. Godwin Muza Needs Your Support

Feb - 05

BOAF: Mr. Godwin Muza Needs Your Support

I have been approached below by Ms. Pauline Chiripanyanga of Chinhoyi 2 High School, following the appeal by Mr. Charles Bernard Brands on LinkedIn in respect of Mr. Blessing Shumba, a Zimbabwean who comes from an impoverished Zimbabwean background, to play a part in reaching out to my contacts to see if we can all dig deep into our pockets to help Mr. Godwin Muza.

Mr. Muza has just successfully completed his A Levels examination with flying colours and his challenge is that he cannot take the next step in his education without external support and interventions.

It is for this reason that your support in enhancing Africa’s bank of hope is urgently requested.

What is Africa’s Bank of Hope? It cannot be argued that education and knowledge therefrom has the power to alter the circumstances of birth and the seemingly intractable challenges that the journey of life exposes all of us.

Today it is Muza’s case, and tomorrow it could very well be someone else’s challenge, calling on all of us to think outside the boxes of comfort and family obligations.

Change begins with a single person stepping up to the plate. This is what I am asking all who call me a friend or connection on this platform.

This is what Mr. Muza looks like:

Mr. Godwin Muza

Below are his results:

I have requested Mr. Muza to motivate this call for support. He writes as follows: