BOAF Women In Business Congratulates Ms. Sindi Mabaso-Koyana’s PIC Board Appointment

Jul - 13

BOAF Women In Business Congratulates Ms. Sindi Mabaso-Koyana’s PIC Board Appointment

As Banking On Africa’s Future celebrates life by recognising notable achievements by individuals that provoke success of others in this notable month of July when the great international icon Madiba’s birthday is recognised as a special day for the nation of South Africa. Women in Business takes the opportunity to recognise Women directors across South African Public institutions. This week saw Finance Minister Tito Mboweni announced the interim board of the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). Banking on Africa’s Future Women in Business President Ms. Miriam Mutizwa congratulated the board appointments on The Drive Show on the 1873 FM online radio station. In a discussion with The 1873 Station Manager, Mr. Stanley Dube, Ms Mutizwa had this to say, “It is important to recognise women in senior positions of both public and private sector across the African continent so as to provoke other women to be high achievers. If one woman can excel so can another. I asked Mr. Mawere for Ms Sindi Mabaso-Koyana’s contact details which I got and did not waste time in contacting her. I however caught her while in a meeting and with no warning but her readiness to answer an unknown number was in itself an inspiration.”

Ms Mutizwa went on to relay how a simple conversation of connected individuals can work as a bridge to and for others. “Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, the chairman of The 1873 Network, in his personal capacity as a colleague of Sindi Mabaso-Koyana’s put a call through to her to introduce the BOAF Women in Business initiative as well as Ms. Miriam Mutizwa, Ms Mabaso-Koyana was excited with ease and expressed desire to meet BOAF Women in Business during the course of the coming days. Had this been a cold call from an unknown person this would probably not have been possible. In conversation, Ms. Mabaso-Koyana noted that Mr. Mawere is a force to reckon with in Corporate Matters on the African Continent. The conversations I have had with other men and women over the past couple of days make me realise that unless I personally take a step in recognising and acknowledging other women I myself may never be acknowledged and recognised. In doing what I do for myself and for family and community I may inadvertently provoke and inspire another to act in a good manner that adds value to society in general. I have made a commitment to celebrate women from today till the end of the coming women’s month of August. Excellency is found in others to inspire me to accelerate but I can achieve more by belonging to a community in which I am willing to learn from and whose growth I am prepared to foster. I am inviting men and women to join me in readiness to celebrate others. The 18th of July is Mandela Day, even from beyond the grave, the actions of Nelson Mandela still provoke us to celebrate his having been born to live a life that changed the course of justice for many. No man is an island, this man lived on an island for the greater good of many. I am grateful each day for existing and new connections whom I rely on in bridging so many gaps that become apparent as I travel life’s journey. Please join me in celebrating excellency and share your stories and your experiences in life’s journey with others. Provoke others to anger followed by actions with results that foster solutions to build an Africa we can all be happy with”.

Women in Business is an initiative of The 1873 Network started in search for excellency and to accelerate women led initiatives. The initiative runs literacy programs mainly on radio. Women from various sectors have joined ship and have been on a quest to seek and develop a shared understanding on matters of identity, empowerment, corporate literacy, justice, technology among other areas of interest. Women in business has a total of 3 hours of broadcast on these and other issues per day broken into segments. To follow the discussions please visit The 1873 FM Facebook page and follow @th1873fm on twitter.

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