Building A Community Of Active Citizens And I Invite You My Friend

Mar - 09

Building A Community Of Active Citizens And I Invite You My Friend

My name is Stanley Dube aka Wildfire Deejay and i host The 1873 Drive week days from 3pm-6pm, the show seeks to provoke, ignite and inspire individuals to be active citizens.

I was asked a question about what active citizenry mean to me and like many of the people that i interact with at times i don’t pause to think and reflect on the answer that i give, and this got me thinking, is there a shared understanding of what active citizenry is all about and what it takes for one to be an active citizen?.

Am building a community of active citizens and i invite you my friend to become part of this community that is willing to learn, share ideas that will shape and define the future that i want.

Below is an email i received today about community building.

“Some of you may know that I am a patron of initiative called the Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) that is powered by a radio platform 1873FM that I chair” said Mr Mawere.

I am writing this message to you with a view to possibly igniting, inspiring and perhaps provoking to choose to be part of a project under the theme 10,000 Points of Light that seeks to build an inventory of persons like you from which people can then conveniently tap into should they need solutions on the supply side.

I have discovered that even in this digital age, I am challenged when I need to access human capital and solutions in general.

By aggregating our contacts into a portal and also sharing experiences, it becomes optimal to bridge to solutions.

I am also involved in a project in South Africa under the theme New Mutual with a view to building a virtual bank or community founded on mutual aid benefit solutions.

The 1873 Network

If you are positive and ignited as I am to play your part in leaving a legacy, please follow this link and register

After registration, please add me as a friend so that we can take the next steps together.


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