Call To Action – Zim 2019 – Desperate Times – The Case of Nyasha Mandevha

Feb - 05

Call To Action – Zim 2019 – Desperate Times – The Case of Nyasha Mandevha

I have been approached below by Ms. Pauline Chiripanyanga of Chinhoyi 2 High School, following the appeal by Mr. Charles Bernard Brands on LinkedIn in respect of Mr. Blessing Shumba, a Zimbabwean who comes from an impoverished Zimbabwean background, to play a part in reaching out to my contacts to see if we can all dig deep into our pockets to help Mr. Nyasha Mandebvu.

You can read below the thread of my conversation with Ms. Chiripanyanga. I have receive messages of this nature on a daily basis hence my decision to reach out to anyone who feels that the promise of education must be fulfilled not just by governments, families but by anyone who believes that knowledge holds a better promise as we try to invest in the future that we want to see.

Below is a picture of Nyasha.

Mr. Mandebvu’s A-Levels results are as set out below:

As can be seen above, Mr. Mandebvu got 3 As and a B in the four subjects that he wrote against a background of a troubled and challenged nation.

I asked for a motivation by Mr. Mandebvu for any possible support. Below, are his own words:

He aspires to study medicine yet the means to realize this earned promise is a real debilitating challenge. His mother is not able to support Nyasha financially hence this call to action.