Celebrating Life At the Rooftop.

Jun - 28

Celebrating Life At the Rooftop.

A simple gathering of colleagues, friends and acquaintances, all in the name of celebrating life! What is life? In simple terms it is from moment of birth to moment of death. Life is the dash between birth and death. June 27th saw the meeting of minds at The Roof Top of 325 Rivonia Boulevard.

The meeting was necessitated by recognising that two are better than one in the journey of life. Life can only be celebrated with another life of similar understanding and quest.

Right to Left: Mutumwa Mawere,Juanita Botha , Layla Gibbons . Rasta Mambo, Miriam Mutizwa and Wildfire Deejay.

Among the celebrants were varying religions varying professions and varying waistlines, height, weight and race. We had Chicken, Sausage, Samosas, beef strips, pork, cake, wine, whisky and soda.

There was no food nor beverage set aside for a specific race nor profession nor skin tone. All was consumed with the understanding that it was a simple gathering of humans which are well alive and aspiring for different things in life but unified by quest of happiness and acknowledging unique gifts deposited by God in each of us. It truly felt and looked like a rainbow nation.

Puneet Dhamija, Rasta Mambo and Sandra

There was mutuality in humour, dance song and drink. One of the celebrants, Wildfire Deejay aka Stanley Dube, Station Manager for the 1873 Radio and TV Platform, ended up with egg on their face (in the form of cake)! It was egg on face in a positive energy way. It was random yet it marked a peak of the celebrations of life! Non of us expected it but it was absolute fun and a mess.

Life is random, but when we plan for the next day it is with quest for happiness and fulfilment of ideas into ideals. Join us this time next month as we celebrate July lives on The Roof Top of Africa Heritage Society House.

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