Celebrating Life in June

Jun - 25

Celebrating Life in June

It is appointed once for a man to die! In the same manner one is only born once, A birthday is a significant day in one’s life.

Each one is born equal to the next person but everyone has own aspirations. As human beings it is fact that we do not operate in isolation.

In most cultures birthdays are celebrated with gifts, celebratory parties and some other special act.

One’s birth marks the cashing into the bank of life, with every birthday it is an indication that one is still useful in life. Saturday 22nd June 2019 saw the meeting of minds. This was over what ended up turning into a great dinner night. Ideas were exchanged and it was agreed follow through into making the ideas ideals was needed.

Wildfire Deejay’s birthday, 27 June 2019, and is being used to provoke others who are celebrating life from June 1st to June 30th to join in a community driven solution search.

Wildfire Deejay

Between a life being Cashed-In and Cashed-Out is a dash, that dash is for one realising their aspirations. Each birthday is a moment to reflect what one is consuming in equipping for life’s achievement/fulfilment.

In the spirit of #knowthyneighbour, Wildfire Deejay, The Station Manager at 1873FM said, “I wish to extend an invitation to all fellow June life members, to join me on the Roof Top on 27th June 6.30PM at 325 Rivonia Boulevard. Life not shared with others is without purpose. Come let us reason together. Bring a dish to share, some drinks and yourself “.

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