Democratic Alliance: On The Rule of Law in Africa

Feb - 05

Democratic Alliance: On The Rule of Law in Africa

When it come to opposition parties in the country a lot is expected from the parties in terms of them showing that they will be a breath of fresh air when they get into power.

On the 1873 Drive Wildfire Deejay had a conversation with
Stevens Mokgalapa who is a South African politician and member of the Democratic Alliance. He is currently serving as a Member of the National Assembly and Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation.

” Democracy on the books seems like a reality but when we get on the ground we realise that democracy does not exist, it is well documented that in Africa there is democracy challenges, we are ruled by old people that have a tendency of over staying” said Hon Stevens Mokgalapa.

Zimbabwe has made headlines in the recent months and this has a big impact on the neighbouring countries and South Africa is not spared from this migration of Zimbabweans coming to the country.

Hon Steven Mokgalapa agreed with Wildfire Deejay that South Africa is partly to blame for the Zimbabwean problems, dating back to the year 2002 when South Africa took quiet diplomacy, on the contested elections where it is presumed the Late opposition leader of the MDC Morgan Tsvangirai had won the elections.

Listen to the audio below:

Stevens Mokgalapa, Image: google images