Dr Dhliwayo Donates Time to The Banking on Africa’s Future Mentorship Programme

Jun - 25

Dr Dhliwayo Donates Time to The Banking on Africa’s Future Mentorship Programme

Ms. Mutizwa invited Dr Dhliwayo to be one of the mentors to join the Mentorship Programme. In accepting the invitation Dr. Dhliwayo referred to herself as a quiet withdrawn individual who was provoked in 2015 by Gracia Marcel to rise to the occasion.

Gracia Marcel had been one of the key speakers at an event in Mozambique and she provoked Dr. Dhliwayo to get out of her shell and start running with women centric financial literacy and inclusion programmes which were resoundingly endorsed by the then Governor of Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Dr Charity Dhliwayo.

By Dr. Dhliwayo stepping forward in identifying a gap and in starting to address it, Financial Inclusion National Strategy was born.

She along subsequently spoke with others resulting in Dr. Dhliwayo taking it upon herself setting up a financial inclusion programme for Zimbabwe and she followed through on it through a national strategy as well as following case studies in other territories. She ran with this until she retired in 2017.

The Banking on Africa’s Future Mentorship program is designed to bridge individuals and groups with realizing their ideas into ideals. Dr Dhliwayo in accepting the mentorship challenge recognized the need to hear more voices to link individuals with opportunities.

Dr. Dhliwayo on Mentorship Interview Audio

Speaking to Dr. Dhliwayo after the interview, Ms Mutizwa had this to say, “In my capacity as Ambassador for Financial Literacy for Banking on Africas Future (BOAF), I identified a knowledge and mentorship gap among women in Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular. Information has not always been readily available to informal economically active women who for the longest while have made up the majority of the informal sector.

It is against this background that I set out to seek mentors that demistify perception built around financial matters. You rank top among women in both business and with your experience at the financial regulator Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. There are other campaigns and initiatives that run under The 1873 Network which I am party to, they include but are not limited to Women in Energy, Women in Agriculture and Promoting Active Citizenship through Civics Literacy.”

Dr. Dhliwayo resoundingly responded as follows, “Thank you very much for sharing this. Women’s financial inclusion and empowerment is very important for our development process by uplifting the welfare of women. Let’s keep pushing”.

Speaking to The 1873FM Station Manager Ms Miriam Mutizwa had this to say, “What this means is Dr. Dhliwayo and other Mentors are taking their own time and volunteering to the betterment of another human being. These are indeed the points of light needed for a bright future in Africa”.

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