How To Make Africa Great Again – Greg Turner

Feb - 06

How To Make Africa Great Again – Greg Turner

Mr Greg Turner visited The 1873 FM studios and had a conversation with Wildfire Deejay on The 1873 Drive.

Mr Greg Turner believes that he is destined to serve and make Africa great again, ” Africans helped make America the superpower that it is today, through the free labour that they got 400 years ago”.

“I believe that change begins with a shift in the mindset that way people will be aware of the power that they possess and if we don’t change the minds of the people conditions will never change.

“It’s time Africans started reading and writing and telling their stories.”

Mr Turner has also made headlines in the previous years where he has been lobbying on behalf of top Zimbabwe government officials in an attempt to lift U.S. economic sanctions against the southern African nation.

He intended to help the destitute people of Zimbabwe and invoking everything from genocide in Rwanda to the recent social unrest in Ferguson, Mo.

“It was never my intention to circumvent the U.S. government,” Turner told U.S. District Judge Elaine Bucklo. “I’m sorry for the mistake, but I am not sorry for attempting to help 14 million people who are starving.”

Listen to the audio below: