I am A Point Of Light Says Ms Kgomotso Shibane

Jun - 25

I am A Point Of Light Says Ms Kgomotso Shibane

Speaking to Mr. Tinashe Mpasiri, the host of The Sandton Express Morning Show, Ms. Kgomotso Shibane said, “Era of being a woman behind a man is over! It is time for women to not be deceived by patriarchal rules in society.

There are so many great women founders and pace setters out there who ought to be celebrated”. Ms. Shibane spoke with such passion that Mr. Mpasiri was provoked to open up the last segment of his show to hosting Ms. Kgomotso and other women to discuss on mentorship and how to be a light.

In describing herself, Ms. Kgomotso Shibane said, “I am an avid reader, I love travels but of all my interests women empowerment is at the forefront. I am part of the Teddy Bear Clinic Girls Club which is aimed at alleviating sexual violence in schools and SeViSSA which is along the same vision. I also am in the process of starting my own foundation that aims at pampering and making victims of sexual abuse feel special and empowered”.

When Ms. Shibane’s and Ms. Miriam Mutizwa’s minds met on The Sandton Express Morning Show there was good chemistry which led to coffee arrangements with other phenomenal women. Ms. Mutizwa is a Patron of The Banking on Africa’s Future Initiative and she echoed Ms. Shibane’s sentiments, “Let us meet and bridge each other to our next levels of success”. Ms. Mutizwa went further to endorse Ms. Kgomotso Shibane as a POL (Point of Light).

Mr. Tinashe has since this morning’s show adjusted to accommodate Phenomenal Women in the last part of his morning show to discuss and provoke women to speak to issues that are first hand experiences. The Morning show is at 0830 Central African Time on The 1873FM Online Radio platforms.

For hobbies, Ms. Kgomotso added this to reading and travel, “I love food and my favorite is Dumplings and Stew”.

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