Is Temba Mliswa a consistent and accountable MP?

Nov - 16

Is Temba Mliswa a consistent and accountable MP?

Norton Member of Parliament Temba mliswa has come under fire from a certain section of Zimbabweans after exhibiting signs of being an inconsistent and unaccountable and high levels of Narcissistic personality disorder .

A whatsapp conversation seen by  BOAF  revealed how Mliswa who poses as super MP can not stomach criticism and being taken to task. He was being questioned on his shape shifting stance regarding the Reconstruction of State-Indebted Insolvent Companies Act [Chapter 24-27] and how he first condemned it but now he is supporting it.

Mliswa seems to be attaking the minister of Justice Ziyambi Ziyambi and Minister of Mines Chitando on the desicion to put Hwange Colliery under Reconstruction yet he is silent and exhibiting double standards when it comes to Shabani Mashaba mine.

Mliswa is the Chairperson of the parliamentary portfolio committee on mines and energy.

Listen to Mliswa condemning the Reconstruction Act



Recently Mliswa shifterd and said the Reconstruction Act is a good Law.

“Whilst the Recon Act is a good piece of legislation Hon Ziyambi Ziyambi, the timing&implementation is what is put2question. If Hwange is a State indebted company, how many others r they out there and should not the Recon Act be similarly invoked on them4consistency?”said Mliswa

When Mliswa could not stomach the questioning, he angrily exited the Whatsapp Group.

We publish the whatsapp conversation below:

Hon. Temba P. Mliswa

[10:02, 11/13/2018] +263 77 44: How did the parliamentary committee on mines inquest go yesterday, Mr Chairman?

[11:47, 11/13/2018] +1 (252) 678: @Mliswa works only to discredit those on the wrong side of ED not for the good of the nation. Surprisingly He is being sold to us as one of the hardworking Mp’s and a high perfoming Chair in parliament.All the people He went after,worked in Mugabe’s corner.

 [13:00, 11/13/2018] +27 62 : ✅ very true themba is sold out to ED faction

Mliswa did not take the criticism lightly. He sent a voice note saying he is not apush over and he will not allow people to tell him what to do. Mliswa further said he will not take instructions from anyone and he knows people are planted on social media to force him to do things that he does not want to do.

[13:16, 11/13/2018] +27 62 2: True indeed but partisan politics compromises your objectevity you have potential to do much more themba

Eg you posted pics that’s you are leading a parly committee to shabani lots of questions are still being asked on the feedback ..still hasn’t come through.

Otherwise it’s no offence to choose affiliation at all.. you can do much more as an independent owing no one nothing or loyalty. Zimbabweans need you more than you need zanupf.

Thank you.

[13:32, 11/13/2018] +27 62 25: OK no offence at all please don’t quote me out of context You are not a corrupt individual no one has said so  & indeed you doing a fantastic work nationally I admire that.

As an individual I have worked and lived in both hwange and shabani. ..I know the shortcomings and heart breaks from an employee point of view…so I’m no ways a plantee of anyone or pursuing an agenda of someone else.

Shabani has more than 5k disenfranchised ppl/workers …so it’s a issue if national interest honourable MP .the debacles are similar and tragic on equal scale.

My kind request is look deeply into it for the sake of the employees & dwellers of shabani and hwange..I know you can & have the capacity..

Thank you

[13:32, 11/13/2018] ******: How does one come to a conclusion that this is a national issue

[13:32, 11/13/2018] ******: Are you suggesting that the past 14 years the recon act has not been a national issue?

[15:06, 11/13/2018] +27 62 251: The honourable MP has erred apa shabani mine calamity is indeed a issue of national importance.

1.Second largest manufacturer of asbestos in the world

2.second largest deposits of asbestos in the world

3.employes over 6k ppl directly & another 5k indirectly

4.Loved shabani mine soccer club( bvarubvaru) is domiciled on zvishavane

This is mega dollars Themba ..☝?

The shabani mine value chain can go to a billion dollars open your eyes comrade

Just to.mention a few of the vital reasons why shabani is equally important.

Themba shabani mine ppl will be disappointed to learn you view em as such..they have so much hope and faith in you..don’t sell it off for a morsel of bread.

[15:09, 11/13/2018] MD: It would be wrong to deny Hon. Mliswa of his right to think and act as he sees fit. However, to the extent that he is a representative of the people, the constitution compels him to be a servant of the people. Indeed, all power by nature and God is vested in the people, and consequently derived from them. Ordinarily any MP would be interested in establishing the interests of the people who gives him legitimacy to be called an Honourable person.

[15:10, 11/13/2018] MDM: He has already said that he holds the view that the Reconstruction Act is constitutional and is a good law. He has yet to seek an alternative view. I have engaged him and all he could say is that Hon Ziyambi and not him has acted constitutionally and in terms of the law.

[15:12, 11/13/2018] +27 62 251: Indeed he is entitled to his democratic freedoms

But he us wring to think there are ppl on thus platform who are” planted ” or hired by someone to sabotage him or work in favour of certain individuals

That is gross mhani we can see and think for ourselves

I’m no mercenary I’m a think tank in my own right

[15:15, 11/13/2018] MD: Democracy is not free. Respect begets respect. An MP is public property and is subject to public scrutiny.

[15:16, 11/13/2018] MD: There are people who genuinely believe that they know everything that is to be known on an issue to allow any alternative view or narrative to germinate.