“Prof Mthuli Ncube Doing The Devil’s Work!” Says Bimi Sithole – Understanding God Given Right to Property

Oct - 05

“Prof Mthuli Ncube Doing The Devil’s Work!” Says Bimi Sithole – Understanding God Given Right to Property

“Prof Mthuli Ncube doing the devil’s work!” Says Bimi Sithole – Understanding God Given Right to Property

In the past week Zimbabwean economy once again almost came to a standstill by shutting down of mobile money cash-in and cash-out transactions. In life this would be equivalent to saying ‘no one gets to be born and no one dies’ using cash-in as birth and cash-out as death.

“Right to life and Property are in paper they don’t exist one has to fight for them in Zimbabwe” said Mr. Bimi Sithole speaking on The 1873 Network on the evening program Talk to Miriam.

Ms Cynthia Farai Kauswa responded, “Life is hard when one is encompassed in self mental slavery, one has to defeat the mind not to be defined by surroundings or words spoken by those around them. I have to change my thinking and that makes life is easy, life is existing through creation”. Bimi argues carrying on with life is not easy there are individuals making it difficult for one to enjoy God given liberties and right to property and cites Prof Mthuli Ncube.

In response to Zimbabwean government recent announcements on mobile money and cash injection into the market Shepherd Mahowa a Chartered Accountant wrote the following on 6 October 2019;
Unless the fundamental issue of confidence is resolved, the more Bond Notes are printed, the more RTGS will be offloaded and this process will only stop when (a) no RTGS exists and (b) citizens are exclusively transacting outside the banking system.”

Mr Mutumwa Mawere, Chairman of The 1873 Network refers to rights of nature in terms of life, liberty and property outside of creator as having no purpose and no meaning, and asserts these rights are structured around foundation of creation which is for both present and future beings. He added, “No government can interfere with the order of nature and give life or take it its God’ given”. With regards to the right to property Bimi views Prof Mthuli Ncube in his capacity of Minister of Finance as having infringed on the property right of individuals ability to realise value from their toil.

Mr Mawere argued, “The devil cannot take over something that doesn’t exist,
Design of life has the soft part and the hard material part, as humans we are excluded from the making or creating of materials needed but we exist as a product of the mind behind creation”
Ms Miriam Mutizwa, the host of Talk to Miriam show, also argues, “Life is born out of the mind of God. We are created to use natural resources which were also created to our benefit by the same creator”. Talk to Miriam airs via Facebook every evening from 8pm to 9pm CAT

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