Rise To The Occasion

Feb - 12

Rise To The Occasion

The 1873 FM

My name is Nattaley Otto and I am a new member of The 1873 FM family. I joined the family recently and in the midst of trying to find my feet and productively apply my skill-set, I was thrown into the deep-end when my colleague had some urgent business to attend to this morning. Tinashe Mpashiri, who hosts the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show each morning between 06:00 – 09:00, casually informed me last night that the plan had changed. I almost feel like it was a conspiracy to see what I would do. Lol. True to my nature I saw it as ‘challenge accepted’

Honestly, the radio part of our network was a big motivating factor for me to get involved although not by any means the only reason I’m so taken by the  1873 Network.

The 1873 FM is part of a bigger network with a desire to reach a higher objective. The 1873 Network is a non-profit organisation, a family of individuals who believe in the cause… Banking on Africa’s Future. The value in our bank being the individuals in our community. Our community comprises of people who have much value to add via active citizenship, they lend their actions to creating a community which uplifts and inspires by what they do. Focussing on all aspects of life and the eco-system. Here at The 1873 FM where your voice is your power, I am able to speak about what is I am truly passionate about and find that in this space we have a whole community of individuals who are all striving for a common goal. Topics of interest are agriculture and the way to sustainably encourage and build not only black owned business but also women owned business. Other topics we cover are entrepreneurship, leadership, women empowerment, shared experiences, the future I want, healthy body – healthy mind, creative culture, youth development, the role of media and so much more.

With that being said; when Tinashe asked me stand in for him this morning (gasp) I was a little nervous not yet being accustomed to the technical aspects of radio. More than this I was excited to be able to have conversations with some of the shining lights of our community.

This morning specifically we spoke to Brandon [@gurubizz], Slomo from Silomotion, Maxwell and Mzi.

To read more about the conversations that took place you can visit The 1873 FM Facebook page where we have posted the livestream video.

To be a part of the conversations, feel free to connect with us. You can begin by registering yourself onto the BOAF network here: www.bankingonafrica.com

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