Entrepreneur Paul Ndudula Talks About His Journey

Feb - 06

Entrepreneur Paul Ndudula Talks About His Journey

This morning on the Continental Sunrise Breakfast Show with your host Tinashe Mpasiri and me, Nattaley Otto as co-host spoke to an enlightening entrepreneur Mr. Paul Ndudula about his journey and how he made the transition from fine arts to business development within the corporate space and now is a successful and inspiring entrepreneur. Mr Paul Ndudula shared some valuable knowledge which can really be taken to heart by our listeners and especially those aspiring for success in their own business.

It’s always very difficult to get a business running, especially if you are lacking in any of the essential areas of knowledge which are needed to be implemented in order to succeed. One of the key pointers which Mr Paul Ndudula touched on was that there are institutions such as SEDA which provide services to help equip people and empower people. SEDA can assist with business plans however an important matter which was raised is that people really need to write their own plans. This ensures that individuals understand the business which they are pursuing.

Mr Paul Ndudula also went on to say it would be good to partner with business development and when doing so to ensure that your venture is in line with the strategies and direction of the CSI of the company which you would like to approach. Mr Paul Ndudula also said it would be good to Google and do research to find companies which have a CSI program relevant.

The wealth of knowledge that emerges from such conversations and from people like Mr Paul Ndudula is the essence of what Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) is about. Connecting and equipping individuals through shared experiences. Building a community which enriches the lives of all who participate. To join the platform and become a part of the community you can simply follow the link https://www.bankingonafrica.com/register-2/

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