‘I have an idea of what life could be like.” – Says Brandon Lebese of @GuruBizz

Feb - 12

‘I have an idea of what life could be like.” – Says Brandon Lebese of @GuruBizz

Image of Brandon Lebese with his new class.

A young and enthusiastic motivational speaker from Johannesburg, Brandon Lebese is the epitome of active citizenship. Taking the time to speak to people from all walks of life and assisting them by taking an interest, giving his time and ultimately sharing his skills and knowledge with those who need it most.

‘I have an idea of what life could be like, of what life could be shaped like. This is me, this is Brandon, I literally take on every challenge that comes into my life’ Brandon Lebese says as he introduces himself. This alone is inspiring for me. Why this inspires is that I know for myself what kind of mental and emotional barriers I had to overcome to merely put myself into that line of thought, shifting my focus from ‘it is what it is, the best thing to do is conform’ to ‘is my idea of the ideal world possible?’

Where many people would argue at every turn that my ideas are idealistic and the probability of such radical changes ever playing out are next to nil. I’m no longer afraid to allow my mind to venture in those avenues of thought. If I am honest with myself, my own ideas and ideals, regardless of how improbable have been at times the only thing that gave me hope to continue. Life is tough, everyone has their story but what gives us the motivation, inspiration and the will to continue against all odds is something that comes from within us. People like Brandon Lebese are of a special breed of selfless, dedicating their time an energy to igniting the fire in others to hope. That spark is fanned into flame when we are actively participating and giving back to society.

What is it that ignites that spark when there doesn’t seem to be anyone around? Many people experience those moments of darkness, I know I have… many times. The idea of what life could be like is a fantastic starting point. To hear the rest of the conversation you can go to The 1873 FM Facebook page and view the livestream.

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