BOAF- China-Africa Bridge

Jun - 13

BOAF- China-Africa Bridge

The 1873 fm radio station says a new segment of the early breakfast show will be launched next week on Wednesday. The show segment will be called Smart buying from China – The tips and tricks.

 The radio show is powered by the 1873 FM, a community radio station based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

 The host of the show, Ms. Chiedza Mavangira said, “It will be its own segment, but I’m taking time from my slot.”  It will be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5pm – 5:15pm CAT/8am – 8:15am PST After which Ms. Chiedza will join drive into her current show Talk 2:00 CTM.

Stanley Dube, the station manager said, “The theme of the 15-minute show is to discuss the pros and cons of BUY China. The show also aims to strengthen economic ties between China and its trading partners.” 

Ms. Chiedza brings a surprising amount of passion, sincerity and inspiration to her graveyard shift, and she will be talking to Lin Qu, a director of Far East Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd.

Ms Lin worked in international trade industry for over 10 years, and graduated with a degree in international trade and law. 

She said, “I am an inspection specialist certified by CIQ (China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau) the company was registered in 2017.” 

Prior to this, Ms. Lin worked as a purchasing agent, and she purchased goods for the Pakistan government.

​ “If you need help importing or exporting to China, Far East Supply Chain has all the services you need,” said Ms. Lin.

​ “Far East Supply Chain has been an amazing, reliable, efficient supplier over the past year, sourcing products, factory visits, quality control and logistics from within China to ship into the UK. We highly recommend working with Far East Supply Chain and plan to continue our supplier relationship for years to come,” a customer commented on the company’s website.

“Ms Lin will add her voice to the freshest breakfast team on radio with her smart thinking, wittiness and ability to have diverse views and in-depth knowledge of current affairs content as well her relatability and appeal,” Mr. Dube said.

“Ms Chiedza said “I desperately need Lin’s services to launch my own Eve line. I was feeling very uncomfortable about travelling to China and the possibility of not getting the most competitive deals. Best of all money saved from my flight, hotel and travel expenses can go towards my buying power.”.”

Ms. Lin concurred with Chiedza. She said: “I’m filling a need in the market for people who have no idea where to start. What I hope to bring is a voice to the African Community. There are currently a lot of savvy Africans ready to do business with China today.

“it’s as though other countries are simply caught up in the whirlwind and have no agency. But there are a lot of savvy Africans doing business in China today.”

Said Ms. Chiedza: “BlackMoneyBrands will use the morning show to galvanize interested parties and bridge them to this amazing opportunity to do business with China. One may now confidently import goods from the comfort of their home and let the experts handle all the crucial details from the correct packaging material required to ship goods to certain countries all the way through to the cheapest and most efficient shipping methods. This are the hot tips I will share on my new morning segment!” 

Mr. Chairman of the1873 FM and The 1873 Network,, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere

 weighed in: “We need a bank of customers and we need to be the bridge and the rest must follow. People are already buying from China.” 

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