What Happens when an Atheist Meets a Christian on Twitter?

Jul - 01

What Happens when an Atheist Meets a Christian on Twitter?

What Happens when an Atheist Meets a Christian on Twitter?

“Real personal freedom becomes possible in a democratic society where government and political power do not dominate society and the lives of its citizens, and society has an absolute superiority in relation to the government.

Nevertheless, in different countries historical development of civil societies is various, and of course, other factors have an influence in its development either.

The development of civil society is affected by many factors, such political decision of government, various citizens’ initiative, the impact of internal and external factors, development of industry, internet technology, social network and etc” The Role of Social Network to Strengthening Civil Society Omirzhanov Yesbol1, Alpysbek Moldir Birzhankyzy2 http://scholarsmepub.com/ 2017

The writer of the above quoted publication goes on to attribute growth and birth of some institutions to Social Networking influence. Author goes on to cite a definition of social networks as “….union of social positions, social factors and their relationships”.

Ms. Miriam Mutizwa a patron of the 1873 Network echoed the democracy definition proffered above and shared her journey to her maiden Cape Town trip. “As much as I have travelled the western and African world, I had never thought my maiden journey to Cape Town would start on social media through an unlikely alliance.

Miriam Mutizwa BOAF Patron

Being a past Sunday School Teacher, daughter of a Pastor and Protestant African Female British, I would have never thought of engaging with an Atheist who is a past Church Youth Group leader, Freemason, British Scotsman to the extent of becoming friends!”

In a classic case of “Meeting of Minds” Rod MacPhail and Miriam Mutizwa engaged openly on social media on subjects ranging from, politics, economics, religion, land reform, race to name just but a few.

What followed was an invitation from Rod and his wife Helena to Miriam, to their exquisite home at the foot of Table Mountain in Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa.

The MacPhails hosted Miriam Mutizwa like she had been sent personally by Her Majesty to see how the British subjects were living the world over, in short Ms. Mutizwa said, “It was a Royal treatment, It was exactly how I expect to be treated when the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland hosts me!”

The banqueting date was set for 29th June 2019, guests invited and other than a couple of apologies, fourteen were present including the two hosts Mr. And Mrs. MacPhail as well as their two recently rescued cats Ginger and Freddie. Conversations were random and enthused with excitement, colour and humour throughout the evening into the early hours of the morning. ‘Eat, drink be merry’ was followed meticulously by all.

Miriam noted with a grin, “The Cellar was well worked on, a game was started and though not completed winner was unanimously declared as ‘Sex bomb’ Andy Miles! No one seemed to have been sober enough to ask Melany and Asanda what the rules of the game were!”

Sharing potential synergies with Mr. Mutumwa Mawere who is The Chairman of The 1873 Network, Ms. Mutizwa had this to say, “The conversations from Camps Bay Blue dinner were wide ranging, of note were; Canada and their lead on Cannabis research and fostering in medicinal uses of the much talked about leaf.

The cannabis chat was led by Debbie and Andy and carried on into the nutritious benefits of celery juice and healthy eating, this formulates what I classify as the health section. Maganthrie spoke on reading technique which I look forward to impart to my son.

Asanda and Lerato led and argued on the mental state of backpackers they have met and hosted in Cape Town. Andrea discussed how offensive society can be when it sees a woman as being either single or married and despite being in a long term relationship legal identity forms do not have provision for non married long term relationship.

Claus opened my world to yet more funding opportunities that exist for women in the agricultural value chain space. He also shared some critically useful nuggets about the property terrain in the Cape Town province.

Thompson and Melany got down and dirty to money laundering, financial gap in marginalised society and argued on unbanked versus the banked of the western territories and Africa. I could not have asked for better hosts than the MacPhails, who opened up their entire living space to me and those I extended invite to.

Humanity still rocks! The night’s conversations ended with serious delving into Tech space and job titles led by Roundy and Expropriation with no compensation and property rights”. Miriam went on to highlight her contribution to the conversations via property rights and women in various businesses among others. “Sex, Trump and Zuma’s names did feature occasionally where examples were called for to support certain definitions or to try and articulate an analogy. Boris Johnson may have featured at least once.”, she added.

Station Manager, MC Wildfire challenged Miriam to reach out to her new found network and extend invite to participate in literacy and mentorship programmes run by the 1873 Network on The 1873 FM Online Radio. “I gladly accept the challenge and am privileged to have had such provocative timely conversations that left each one of us undoubtedly thinking and feeling positively ignited. I therefore declare Twitter best social networking platform”.

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