What shall we do? – photo opportunity or dialogue asks Miriam Mutizwa

Feb - 07

What shall we do? – photo opportunity or dialogue asks Miriam Mutizwa

It is now common cause that former Vice President Mujuru and Advocate Nelson Chamisa did not attend the meeting convened by President Mnangagwa of the 23 Presidential aspirations as at 30 July 2018.

According to the Herald article published today https://www.herald.co.zw/the-nation-talks/ the attendees committed themselves to the principle of dialogue and working together to resolve the challenges facing the country.

Ms. Mujuru tweeted as follows:

Chamisa’s position is that he is the de facto President of Zimbabwe as follows:

The above message was followed by another message on twitter as follows:

There is no dispute that Zimbabwe is facing a severe economic and political crisis and it is expected that to the extent that the political crisis is exacerbated by tension between President Mnangagwa and Chamisa, the dialogue option could help in resolving the Presidential dispute.

Chamisa maintains that a political crisis of Mnangagwa’s legitimacy as President is at the core of the problem. He contends that this crisis was born from the womb of a disputed and rigged Presidential election result in Zimbabwe.

In the premises, he maintains that the Presidency is disputed and the only feasible option is for Mnangagwa to recuse himself from the dispute given that his incumbency and authority is the subject of the dispute.

Chamisa proposes that a independent, credible and impartial convener be identified to mediate between him and President Mnangagwa.

Today, an all stakeholders conference convened by the Church and civil society is taking place in a bid to establish a shared understanding of what is required to address the challenges that Zimbabwe is facing.