Where Does My Help Come From? – Township Entrepreneurs

Feb - 12

Where Does My Help Come From? – Township Entrepreneurs

Silomotion – Silomo Sangweni

Township economy has been picking up over last decade and this is thanks to people like Silomo Sangweni from Silomotion. Silomo Sagweni is a man with a passion to build and uplift entrepreneurs from townships, actively doing his part to connect entrepreneurs or even aspiring entrepreneurs by motivating them through his many free and regular expo’s which are held in townships for easy access.

Bringing government agencies and other businesses to the townships where entrepreneurs can have a chance to pitch their business ideas and if successful, gain access to markets and even access to funding. Something to be admired, the driving force behind Silomo Sangweni is his desire to see a more productive and prosperous future for both townships and South Africa as a whole. His tireless efforts over the past 7 years have made an impact on a minimum of 3800 entrepreneurs which are all on Silomotion’s current database where they have taken entrepreneurs through the paces, assisting them from the idea phase and all the way to a self-sufficient, profitable business.

This hands-on approach has acted as a big-brother to the community of entrepreneurs who contribute to the township economy. Access to offices, mentoring and workshops which educate the people on the various aspects of business and how to run a business is invaluable for many as without the relevant know-how implementation would surely fail.

Crossing the bridge from a disadvantaged community to thriving economy cannot be an easy thing to achieve. Soweto is a great example for townships to look at and that it both can and has been done.

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