Why Join the Banking on Africa’s Future?

Apr - 29

Why Join the Banking on Africa’s Future?

This group is about exposing the promise and challenges of building communities.

Notwithstanding, the reality is that very few of us use the contacts that we store in our banks of useful data.
We rarely mine such treasures like data choosing to look elsewhere to borrow other people’s contacts to advance our careers and business prospects.

Humanity is about individual existence in the context of families, clans, tribes, communities and nation-states.
Just imagine that in this digital age, most of us have smart phones yet very few are smart enough to know that a phone is a bank of contacts.

Under this initiative, we seek to create a shared database of 10,000 names.
For it to be shared, it means you can I have to add contacts into it.
When complete we will have 10,000 shining stars who can help bridge each of the contributors to new possibilities.

Should the bank be exclusionary? Apply your mind to the opportunities you miss when you choose to regard human beings as foreigners or enemies.

This is an inclusive project and please just share your experiences than invite people to it without being smart enough to know that meat will never invite flies to it, but good meat does the selling on its own.

If you are interested to be part of this initiative powered by the 1873 FM radio towards building a community that we all can call ours, please email radio@the1873fm.com

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