Women in Agriculture – Not Just Another Hot Topic

Feb - 10

Women in Agriculture – Not Just Another Hot Topic

BOAF launches the Women in Agriculture initiative today in directing efforts towards creating lasting wealth. Miriam Mutizwa is a dynamic women who is head-set on making the difference she can make.

One of the biggest issues MIriam Mutizwa raised was that people should have the right to the source of their wealth which is currently not the case in Zimbabwe. The BOAF community feels really passionate about agriculture and the direction it is going in, more than that we also feel really passionate about women empowerment. Women in agriculture does not by any means exclude men but rather gives a platform for women who are like-minded to give their inputs and help make things happen.

Already Women in Agriculture have accomplished much with a group of active citizens as the driving force behind the initiative.

Women in Agriculture, founded by Miriam .. a few days ago, which is also a leg of the BOAF community is an initiative to create active citizenship which results in lasting wealth creation. With the focus being on the role of women within the eco-system.

The initiative was launched when a small group of individuals went together to a farm in .. where they could determine the opportunities available. With the Women in Agriculture WhatsApp group created, where all who are interested have and may join. Within the group, people actively lay out their ideas, their needs, their knowledge and the resources currently available to be utilised.

Women in Agriculture is pro-active and being only a few days old have set the example of what active citizenship is about. This group of individuals have thus far not only visited the first farm but have also hosted their first networking event, grouped to visit and examine the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market for further information and to identify the opportunities.

Waiting for no man, Women in Agriculture by no means excludes men from the group but rather promotes and encourages women involvement throughout the value chain. Furthermore, relationship building has always been an integral part of any business, WiA is a platform upon which people can connect to likeminded individuals and realise their goals.

If you would like to understand more about our core values and topics of interest to us you can visit the1873fm.com website, read about us and stream the lives shows, we encourage you to become part of the conversations. We would also like to encourage you to become an active citizen in our community.

I have joined the group on WhatsApp to lend my voice to the activities that are taking place. Within 2 days the WhatsApp group was maxed out! On the day the initiative was formed I attended the evening meet and greet event which was a huge success. I attended an outing to the Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market the following day with a group of active participants where opportunities to collaborate and profit came to the fore.

The women of this initiative inspire me immensely. For anyone who wishes to become a part of it or be more involved you can speak to Miriam Mutizwa who is reachable on miriam@bankingonafrica.com