BOAF Inducts Philip van Rooyen as the President of BOAF Cryptocurrency

BOAF Cryptocurrency is an initiative of the 1873Network. Philip van Rooyen has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector working in the News industry. With his presence in this industry he has been instrumental in rolling out IT solutions since 1992. Philip has vast experience in B2B E-Commerce and has worked on various sites in South Africa since 2001 most of which are still in operation.

In a conversation with Mr Mutumwa Mawere, the Chairman of the 1873Network on the 1873FM Radio station, Philip explained the advent of cryptos and use of public space in promoting this Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). In an interview with Ms Miriam Mutizwa of Banking on Africa’s Future, Philip added, “Looking into all these technologies I knew that this is the beginning of a revolution. When Bitcoin was launched he I knew about it already in 2010, but was skeptical in its survival or use, but when I decided to start in 2015 I started to take notice of the technology behind bitcoin called the Blockchain and seeing the use of it in automation and service offerings”. Philip became involved as a Bitcoin miner in early 2016 when the price of Bitcoin was only about $500 and the price of Ethereum was still under $2.

Philip expressed the importance of sharing information and knowledge and how radio is one such tool to disseminate knowledge to reach communities. Philip has gained experience as well as value over the past 4 years and has actively looked for Projects that will be changing lives. Philip has became involved in projects that run off of Blockchain. Philip’s latest project to be involved in is in Crypto Banking and Voice Over Blockchain as a service which he describes as a “convergence in Blockchain services that will be the start of the next Industrial Revolution. He believe that this type of service will become the next big thing and for investors will be like investing in Google 20 years ago”.

Philip projects about 70 to 80 % of all industries will be impacted by Blockchain over the next 5 years and that now is the best time to get into projects related to blockchaining and bank on getting present as well future value.