Israeli – South Africa Trade Desk
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Agricultural work in South Africa

​Israel has long had major expertise in the agricultural world and has shared her knowledge with developing countries

Cabbage Farm in South Africa

The Israeli Embassy is currently very involved in agricultural projects around South Africa.

Sharing Israeli experience (that has been accumulated from the last 60 years) with South African farmers.

Existing projects are in various provinces. Mpumalanga, Eastern Cape, Northwest and Kwazula Natal.
Our work is to identify the right place (farms) with the right people (farmers). Through local donors, we buy modern agricultural tools and implement modern methods, mainly in vegetable production.

The training offered is on-the-spot training. We start from the first step of growth until the very end, marketing the produce.  Until now, we have had tremendous success with individual farmers from different farming villages where, in the past, for example, the farmers were only planting before the rainy season and now with sponsored drip irrigation systems, they are able to produce all year round bringing ten times the profit they used to bring.