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Oily SA is an official importer of G-ENERGY, Gazpromneft and ECOSYN lubricants.
Our 100% imported, high performance products are formulated according to the latest technologies and have proven excellent real-life properties. For driving enthusiasts and industrial clients alike, we provide exceptional lubricants that keep you in motion.
Whether by lowering your total cost of lubricants purchases or finding better solutions for your equipment, we strive to help our customers reach new successes. If you are ready to take advantage of these benefits, we look forward to working with you
Agri Trading
Block A, Ground Floor, Willow Vale Office Park, 15 Van Hoof Close, Ruimsig, Roodepoort

AGRI Trading Services was established to provide specialised supply and off-take management to the oilseeds industry.

Through excellent service and customer demand this has evolved into the supply chain management of numerous commodities.

We endeavour to bring the farmer to the crusher and the crusher to the feed mill. Adding value throughout the chain: “Farmer to Feed Mill”.
Pit Barrel Cooker Co
A2 Canero Building, Meadowbrook Business Estate, Jacaranda Avenue, Olivedale,

While barrel cooking is nothing new, never before has a cooker been brought to the mass market in a form that is both affordable and extremely easy to use.

It all started in 2003 when Pit Barrel® Cooker founder Noah Glanville served as a Navy Corpsman attached to a Marine Corps unit in Iraq. Upon their return, he and his unit were welcomed home by a group of veterans who hosted a barbecue in their honour. “Older veterans greeted us with a barbecue. I remember the smell of the charcoal, hot dogs and hamburgers,” Glanville says. “It’s a good, familiar smell, and I knew that I was finally home.”

After leaving the military, Noah decided to the launch his company own company. After overcoming various obstacles, such as the Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) that he suffered from after his military career, Noah came across a concept that he knew would turn the barbeque industry upside down. “We knew we had something special and that it was the direction we were meant to go.”

“Perfecting the product”

Noah worked with different types and sizes of drums and ended up building 29 prototypes before he was satisfied. In late 2010, he and his wife, Amber, founded the Pit Barrel® Cooker company.

Today, Pit Barrel® Cooker cooks around the world are very grateful that Noah didn’t give up on his dream. This cooker is not just a product; it’s a passion shared by Noah, Amber, our team, and our customers. It is with humble appreciation that this family-run business leverages this passion to continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of PBC enthusiasts, the industry, and ourselves.

Glanville recalls the early days, “There are a lot of costs and a ton of risk to starting a business from scratch, but with faith, hard work, and people we could trust along the way, we knew we could follow our hearts and make our passion a reality.” The Glanvilles would exhaust every resource they had at their disposal in pursuit of this dream, but based on consistently rave reviews from novices to industry professionals, there is no question that the result is exactly what they set out to achieve. The PBC is not just a product; it’s a passion shared by Noah, Amber, our team, and our customers. It is with humble appreciation that we leverage this passion to continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of PBC enthusiasts, the industry, and ourselves.

The Pit Barrel® Cooker Company remains a family-run business, headquartered in Prospect, KY.
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Sir Fruit
Cnr East & Gibbs Road,

Once upon a time… The Sir Fruit Story.

The intrepid tale of Sir Fruit began in eons past: an ancient, mysterious age around 2005. While adding ‘Hollaback Girl’ to their iPod Nanos, our founders had an idea – to build the best juicing company Mzanzi had ever seen.
Enter the Brothers Baker (cue trumpets) …

There were three of them. Patrick, the pup of the pulp, honed his fruit mastery at the prestigious House of Orange. Middle brother, Dave, travelled the Amazon before opting for a more interesting life in the juice business. And James, the eldest of the three wise men, was the entrepreneur and primary wedgie-dispenser.
However, the family was still to grow: with Lady Vijay Loosen. Queen of the veg, favourite of the fruit, Vijay had been in the juice game for some time. Through hard work, skill and dedication, she quickly became the sister the Brothers never had – ensuring the sales and marketing departments ran as smoothly as a Sir Fruit smoothie (ba-dum-tish).

The eldest, James, has since branched out to explore new ventures down the vine. However, his guidance and values remain an important part of what makes Sir Fruit, Sir Fruit, and he will forever remain and honorary Sir Fruit-ian.

Today, the company continues to go from strength to strength, with factories in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Our Sir Fruiters are dedicated, ensuring that we continue creating tasty, wholesome juice for an entire nation. (We keep getting these ‘trophy’ things for service, which means we must be doing something right.)

Much has changed since 2005, but our values and passion have not. We search out fruit for its taste, not its looks. We are honest. We give back. We hire our people for talent and joy and determination – not just for what’s on their CV. We laugh, smile, care, and grow – because, at the end of the day, Sir Fruit still feels like that small start-up juice company. The one with stars in its eyes and excitement in its heart. The one that tries, every day, to do things a little bit better. The one that’s all about the good stuff.
So, here’s to bright ideas that grow into big ones. Here’s to the fruit!