The 1873 FM
Africa Heritage House
325 Rivonia Boulevard
Sandton, South Africa
The 1873 FM is an initiative of The 1873 Network and we are constructively working collaboratively to shape and define the character and personality of the network.

The 1873 FM is the tool to promote new thinking on economic justice and freedom issues, enabling individual’s voice to be heard on matters that promote an inclusive, progressive and prosperous Africa.
Contributing towards the building of the Africa we all want.
The character and personality can be shaped and defined by those who stand most to lose from failure otherwise the implication is absurd.
This is a platform for intellectual interrogation and scrutiny of anything where nothing should ever be untouchable and unquestioned.
The 1873 FM is a platform to use words and ideas to enrich and expand the body of knowledge that permits inclusivity & diversity.
We proclaim that we stand for a borderless mind, promoting and defending the values of openness, inclusivity and diversity.
To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and insights on Africa’s challenges and opportunities in areas of education, culture, entertainment and information.
Our mission is to give members a platform to: be inspired, discover, be equipped, associate/connect and share their experiences (IDEAS).

The 1873 FM
8 Sheldon Place Office Park Lone Close

It’s a hard-learned reality that the right speaker will provide the impetus for action, be the catalyst for change and a motivator for progress. With a unique understanding of the markets it serves, Unique Speaker Bureau (USB) has developed the ability to creatively pair the right speakers with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives and keeping it within budget.

USB’s collaborative team of keynote speakers, MCs and program directors (facilitators) are carefully chosen according to their presentation content, professionalism, expertise, experience, depth and collaboration. Often the entire line-up of speakers is chosen from the USB stable due to the cohesiveness of its team.

We are listening to our clients who are telling us they want so much more than just a polished keynote address. Because of this USB launched their Build a Better Conference Strategy, or BBC as we call it in 2017.At USB, we understand what the business market is looking for in terms of its conferencing needs. We are able to work with our clients to seamlessly create a tailor-made conference agenda, allowing each delegate to experience a conference that is more meaningful and more impactful.

As part of this strategic approach we want to walk the journey with our clients by adding value from the strategic planning before the conference, to ensure the best possible experience during the conference and to help you harvest the value post conference. To do this we have introduced a range of initiatives including Team Thinking Conversations, On-stage interviews, Conference TV and Masterclasses.

The major advantage of being on the USB database is the ‘educational’ aspect. Throughout the year, USB hosts not only speaker showcases but also workshops and speaker breakfasts. Clients have access to the speakers to get insight into the value that can be brought to conferences, events and activations.

Ask to join our database in order to receive invitations to these events as well as updates on speakers, including visiting international speakers.
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